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Painter's Corner

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     Welcome to the Painter's Corner. Inside you'll find tips and suggestions for painting figures. In time, I plan to add tutorials with pictures.

     Please note that I am not a professional artist or anything. I'm just an average gamer that likes to paint miniatures. I've found that the biggest key is to not be afraid to try things.

     Next, is to build a good library of source materials to get color pictures or color descriptions for various periods. Painting your own figures just isn't for everyone. Some don't have time, some don't have the patience, and some just don't think they are good enough. I'm going to provide a few tips and suggestions for those that have never painted before. Hopefully, some experienced painters may find some of my suggestions helpful.

     I have two areas of suggestions to offer for painted figures. One is painting them yourself. The second is to either pay for someone to paint them or purchase them painted. The first is a bit cheaper, but is time consuming. The second is a bit more expensive and you will have to determine just how much you're willing to pay to get the quality of figure you purchase.

     Tools and supplies for painting. I'm going to make some suggestions here. Please note that this is what works for me.

     The First Figure will provide you with tips and ideas on painting for the first time. These ideas are not some trade secret and most of the recommendations have been passed on to me from other people.

     I have storage suggestions as well as basing suggestions. I've found that the way you base a figure can also affect the way that you handle the storage.

     I have a few terrain ideas, but I can recommend sites that handle this far better than myself. I've found ideas to modify terrain, and I can provide a few suggestions. Terrain is something that you can either make yourself, or spend a bit of money buying some really good looking stuff.

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