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Last updated: September 4, 2003


I'm adding new stuff. I've got a good number of new Warmaster pictures to add. I know my site says it's dedicated to Colonials, but you can only paint so many of them before you get tired. I will be updating the reference guide soon. I've picked up several new books that I think you'll find interesting.

In the meantime, I've been painting Warmaster figures to sell as well as for myself to play with and I've decided to continue adding them to my site.

I feel my site would not be complete if I didn't include figures from other areas. That is why I've added them. Also, since my 11-year-old is now into 40k I will be adding pictures of my 40k figures. I'm doing a Dark Eldar army and I'll be adding pictures of them as well as some of the Space Marines I've painted for my son. I also plan to add a few pictures to show you what my 11-year-old has painted.

Take a look at the stuff I've added:

I've added to my Orc & Goblins page.

I've added to my Undead page.

I've added to my Chaos page.

I've added to my Empire page.

I've added some pictures of home made 25mm hills.