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Links for Sites and Manufacturers

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     Below are a listing of Web sites. If you'd like to be added to my list please e-mail me and I'll see about adding you. Since a lot of folks ask where they can get materials for gaming I'm also including sites to locate historical information.

     I'm listing online distributors and I will add information for those that don't have web pages if I can ordering information. If you are a distributor please let me know what all can be found on your site, including figures, sizes, rules, and supplies. If you sell miniatures, please let me know if you would like to send a sample. I'll been adding painted figures to my site. I can paint them myself if you'd like to send a sample or if you already have an image I can add. Also, I don't deal directly with a lot of the sights listed. If someone has a problem with a distributor please let me know and I'll look at removing them from my site. I have dealt with a few of these folks at conventions but I do very little online ordering. I prefer to hand pick my figures.


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Historical Links

The Anglo Zulu Historical Society provides information as well as historical links on the Zulu war.

This Anglo Zulu War Web site contains a good deal of historical information and pictures. There is also information on tours. I've not taken one of these tours but if you decide to take one I'd like to hear how it turns out so I can put the information on my site.

Battlefields provides useful information. This is also another site that offers tours but again I've not been on any of them. If you decide to check it out let me know how it turns out so I can put a spot on my side about it.

Research Reference Notes offers some information on British Military History. I found this site pretty interesting.

For historical information I found this site very informative. I've not had a chance to read it all yet but it does look really interesting. Take a look at Rorkesdriftvc.

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AB Figures and Wargames South is located in the UK. The have some really nice photos on their site.

Battle Honors U.S.A. is a manufacturer and distributor of Battle Honors, Rank and File Historical Miniatures and Black Raven Foundry 15mm Fantasy Miniatures.

Belle & Blade offers a wide range of videos.

Baccus 6mm lists information about their miniatures but doesn't have a US distributor.

Black Tree Designs sells 28mm historical and fantasy figures.

Brookhurst Hobbies offers a large selection of supplies and miniatures. I deal mostly with them at Historicon.

Chessex Web site sells accessories and battle maps.

Dixon sells a nice range of figures. This is based in UK. If you need to order them in the states Wargamers is their US distributor. I particularly like the Japanese with the banners

Several people and shops auction stuff on Ebay. I've been using it for about 4 months and I find it helpful. If you decide to buy something here, make sure you understand what you are getting. Read the description closely and ask the seller questions if you have any doubt. There is a link for Ebay/General wargames, and a listing for Ebay/Miniatures. You can get to the main games listing on this line Ebay/Games. It is possible for folks to put up photos of their figures and if you are interested you should check back often. If you want to sell anything you can sell stuff through them. You may want to take time to read the to read the instructional section under Ebay/Services.

Essex Miniatures located in UK.

The Foundry's official Web site.

Geo-Hex Web site. If you are interested in ready to use terrain you should take a look at this. They also offer other terrain pieces and other items.

Gladiator Games located in the UK.

Green Hill books Web site.

The History Web offers a wide selection of posters, books and historical references.

Hovels LTD is located in the UK offers a range of buildings and accessories.

Lance and Laser carries Bureau 13 figures, Cyberpunk, Critter Commandos, Fantasy, Fifth Cycle, Film Noir, Living Legends, Pendragon, and War Chest Customizable Board Game. offers a painting service and information on areas in the UK.

RAFM carries games and miniatures.

Renaissance Ink sells the flocking gels I was speaking of in the basing section.

In RLBPS you will find listings of various wargaming supplies and miniatures that they import.

Jacob and Shari Kovel run Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies. They are a source for Irregular Miniatures, Ltd. and Tin Soldier, UK Figures and Accessories.

Simtac carries Jacobite 15mm, Scotia 1/300th, Collect Air 1/300th, Kryomek 25mm, Macho Women 25mm, Acropolis Fantasy 25mm, Acropolis Sci-Fi 25mm, Main Force 1/300th as well as other products.

The Emperor's Headquarters is a shop in IL and sells gaming supplies as well as miniatures.

Tim Peterson has dedicated his Web page to The Foundry. I've spoken to him a few times via e-mail and he's given me a lot of suggestions. He's also has a lot of other goodies on his site included some pictures of painted Foundry figures.

The Historical Miniatures site, features Stone Mountain Miniatures, Adler Miniatures, and Denizen Miniatures.

Thoroughbred Figures. You can see some of their Ironclads on my Gallery page. Check out the Gallery on their site as they have even more painted up.

Veni Vidi Vici offers a wide variety of decal transfers for sheilds.

Viking Forge offers a variety of miniatures.

Warflag offers you a place to download flags and print them out using your own printer.

Woodland Scenics carries a lot of terrain supplies used in making train layouts. The nice thing about this is a lot of the same materials are really useful in wargaming. While you can order from their Web site, you should also be able to locate the same materials at any local train ship or hobby shop that carries model train supplies. If they do not they should be able to order them. Woodland Scenics has recently added to the static grass line with new colors and a shaker bottle. In the past I purchased static grass in bulk bags and these plastic containers make for nice and easy storage. I think that you will find a great number of things that you will find useful here.

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Wargamer Sites

By Jingo is an online magazine that covers articles on the Colonial War. This site has a lot of graphics, and even has some sound. I should warn you that this site does take a bit of time to load.

The Colonial Angle carries some rules sets for the Colonial wars and some other interesting things.

Daryl's and Gareth's Miniature and Modeling Page is a very nice site. They have a photo gallery mostly WW2 right now. Some 1/72 scale, really well painted Frontrank Jacobites. Make sure you take a look at the Roman fort while you're there.

Dortmund Amateur Wargamers is a site that offers some painting and terrain tips. They also have some photos.

Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic offers a great deal of information for the beginning painter. They also sell some of the stuff they paint.

In Ed's Hobby Hovel you'll find some very useful information and links.

Gamers Haven offers a list of dealers and offers some help for painting and terrain. You can also get some free rules from their site.

Hot Lead isn't a historical site, but you'll find some painting suggestions there and some really nice photos of painted figures.

One of my favorite Major General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial-era Wargames Page. I find a lot of useful information here for the Colonial period. I've even used the building construction page to design and build a building from scratch. I really think this is a good site for anyone interested in learning more about the period or hobby. Even if you're not interested in the Colonial wars, you might find things you can use in other era's.

The Miniatures Collecting and Painting Centre offers a lot to someone new to miniature painting and gaming.

The Official PK Gamer's Site for those who use the Piquet rules. Piquet has a master set of rules, and supplements for multiple periods.

The Online Miniature Painting and Modeling Guide provides a lot of useful information for painting miniatures and model.

Another rules set that has a master rules set and then supplements for other periods is The Principles of War. I've also found a FAQ's site if you wish to learn even more about the Principles of War.

Savage and Solider is another online magazine. This one started out as a magazine and now they are in the process of putting all of the issues online. There are already some interesting articles here.

I've recently discovered a new site for making is TerraGenesis. They make terrain to use with Wargames Workshop products which tend to be more Fantasy and Science Fiction. I am impressed with the way these folks recycle trash as wargame terrain. Even though this site doesn't really apply as a Historical Gamer's site, I think that the information, tips and techniques listed here can be applied with a little imagination. They even give tips on photographing your figures. So far I've really liked this site.

Tring Wargames Club has some nice photos on their site.

The University Military History Gaming Society is a gaming group that meets on UT campus.

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