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Photo Gallery

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     Welcome to my Photo Gallery. Inside you will find some pictures of actual painted miniatures. I will try to list the miniatures with their manufacturer. Some of these manufacturers or lines may no longer be available but you should get some ideas from what we have done. As with most of my photos you will find a thumbnail, which will link you to larger photo when you click on it.

     Many of the techniques I've discussed in my painting and terrain sections have been used to create these pieces and make these pictures. Please email me if you have any questions.

     Please keep in mind that we are gamers. I've chosen the best pieces of painted figures that have been used over the years. While we are still painting, and will be adding newly painted and made creations to my site, you may notice that some may have some minor paint damage.

     Please notice that I will also be using photos of figures my husband has also painted.


Click on one of the following links to see the photos.

Anglo-Zulu War:

Ral Partha:

Connoisseur Miniatures:

Frontier Miniatures:

Miniature Comparisons:
Connoisseur/Ral Partha/Frontier 25mm figures


WW2 Ground Vehicles:

Modern Ground Vehicles:

Chaos Army
Dwarf Army
Empire Army
Orcs & Goblins Army
Undead Army

Homemade Terrain:
Hills for 25mm figures.

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