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Blaze's Corner

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     Welcome to my corner of the web. It's not much, but I like to call it home. I've dedicated my little corner of the web to Historical Miniatures Wargaming. It's a pretty interesting hobby, and makes learning about history a bit more interesting. I also have some pictures in my Gallery of other figures I've painted.

     Currently, the majority of my material covers the British/Zulu and Boer Wars. Those are the two areas that currently hold my interest and I've also included some of the information I've been collecting for other periods.

     I'm a gamer and I like to paint. I've painted figures for my own use and painted figures to sell to others. The material contained in my pages is information I've either gathered from others in the hobby or things I have used myself.

     I've included a section for people wanting to get into the hobby. The Beginner's Corner is dedicated to getting started in the hobby and suggestions for finding a gaming group and getting started in the hobby.

     In the Painter's Corner you will find tips and books on painting. In the future I plan to add a walk through for painting a figure with step by step ideas and recommendations.

     In the Research Corner you will find my book listings for various books on the hobby as well as books that may help with certain periods.

     In Links, you'll find links to other web sites.

     The Tutorial is a section where I will try to give step by step instructions with pictures to help someone work on various projects.

     As I gather new information or add information I'll post it in the What's New section. It'll be a quicker way for regular visitors to quickly navigate to new material.

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